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After drinking countless cups of coffee. Months of work. A bunch of overnighters, sleepovers, but mostly dedicated time spent. We have finally managed to create a PS4 Jailbreak that actually works. This Jailbreak is designed to be easy to use,  super simple, as safe as possible, but also being as  powerfull and usefull as we can make it. We are a team of 6 dedicated people that have been into console optimizing since the release of the PS2, and have succesfully released other known Playstation Jailbreaks such as the RedL10n and our most succesfull: the Game Temper PS3 Jailbreak. After all this experience, we have decided to see if we could do what many including Sony had said was almost impossible.

So why should you Jailbreak your PS4?

With our provided Jailbreak there are tons of new features being added to your Playstation 4. You can then utilize them to get pretty much whatever comes to your liking. You can get anything from playing games for free, to having a MP3 player on your jailbroken PS4. Here are just a few of them that we have found huge interest in among our users.

  • Free games – You can run any game without having to buy the disc. This is one of the core features on the device and is being deveoloped by Martingaler29 which is one our most skilled deveolopers when it comes to creating stabile apps. He  was also responsible for getting free games on the PS3 with our Jailbreak.
  • PS3 Games – You will be able to play PS3 games on your PS4 device with no trouble. After comitting the Jailbreak, you will simply just plug in your PS3 games, and the machine will play it with no problems.
  • Mod games – Using special game files submitted by our users, and deveolopers you can succesfully mod your game to your liking. Some games are just better with modded modifications by modifying graphics, or cheating the gameplay. Just Think of the XP lobbies for CoD or more cheat codes for GTA!
  • Emulator – With the inbuilt emulator you will be able to play games originally meant for other devices, but now playable on the PS4. Think of  android games, or iOS games!
  •  Install more apps – There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting your apps. With the Jailbreak comes our customcoded App “Store” where you can find all the tweaks and 1000’s of apps submitted by our users and deveolopers.
  • Unlock trophies – Unlock trophies and achievements. Are you an achievement whore? But you cannot unlock that one specific trophy? With our InstaTr0phY, you can choose which trophy to unlock, and the app will do the work for you.
  • And way more! – That is right. With the PS4 Jailbreak comes endless possibilites. You could in fact be the next deveoloper of an app, that you could sell or share with the community. That is why this is so much stronger than the original PS4 version. Because we allow the users to come with their opinion, and their content. Now this makes a way stronger game platform than a game with only content controlled and submitted by deveolopers. We want the democracy, and we want to customize OUR consoles!


 Will the PS4 Jailbreak hurt my device?

This is a very good question. We here at the team have sat down and discussed what our keypoints for what we want the PS4 Jailbreak to provide is that you, the user of our Jailbreak feels comfortable and safe. Therefore we have integrated a whole new backup system into our Jailbreak. This is not something that we have previously used, meaning it is 100% unique and is being installed onto your PS4. Thereafter it makes sure to make a small backup file before you commit into Jailbreaking your device. This means that we are aiming for a brick rate of 0%. Which we have received now.

Our PS4 Jailbreak will infact improve performance in most cases

Don’t you just hate it when you download something, and in return of getting all these awesome features, you are making your PS4 slower? – Well that is NOT the case with our PS4 jailbreak. Performance and runtimes are something that our deveolopers has spent a long time in mastering. We now exactly how Sony’s root system on the Playstation is built, so we can comfortably make changes without slowing the PS4. Actually we have made some small improvances to running games, whereas you can download the smoothRun app through our Jailbreak which makes 25% of all games run smoother.

Start Jailbreak of your PS4

You do not have to worry about much when you are using our jailbreak. All you need is a Playstation 4. An USB stick, Blu-ray or DVD-drive with more than 1,03GB of space so that you can load the jailbreak files onto your Playstation device. Let me just sum up to you again the most vital reasons why you should do the PS4 Jailbreak and make your console stronger, more enjoyable, and more customized. In the PS4 Jailbreak we have provided you with a backup manager that you don’t even have to worry about. In the process it automatically installs failsaves, antimodules and backups in order to make you feel comfortable with using our product, which is one of our main concerns. So click the download button below to get your PS4 Jailbreak now!




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